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Wiser helps you grow your business.

Why Work with Wiser

Wiser is not your typical PPA provider. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of the small and medium-scale commercial space by quickly and efficiently identifying the quality projects in this sector ripe for development. Once a project is identified we ensure a consistent flow of capital for third-party financing to get these projects built.

System Integrators looking to grow their business, and benefit from the growth of this market segment, use the Wiser Platform to mature their commercial leads and efficiently identify the ones worth pursuing. The Platform provides System Integrators with best-of-breed commercial project solar analytics, financial modeling, and proposal generation that gives potential customers objective insight into both “cash” and “third-party financed” economics and transactions. The natural result of running leads through the Platform’s workflow is quick and efficient identification of the leads that are likely to be developed on their own merits. System Integrators who use the Platform also have opportunity to identify Host Facilities that have used the Platform themselves to explore their solar-analytics and qualify for third-party financing; providing a source of highly qualified leads that are already committed to going solar.

Wiser Capital understands your needs. The end result of working with us is a shorter sales cycle, lower cost of customer acquisition, and the opportunity to build more commercial PV systems to grow your business. As the solar market matures the project qualification workflow built into the Platform provides an indispensable tool to let you focus in on the projects that will actually result in a fundable project and profitable construction contract. Work with Wiser Capital and work on what you do best – building Solar!