Use the Platform for Growth and Success

The Wiser Capital platform identifies the critical functions for solar development and puts you in control of your key business drivers. Multiple integrated tools enable you to evaluate projects for their economic viability and to quickly determine if those projects are fundable. You will be able to efficiently bid on more high quality projects and distinguish your brand from the competition.


Dashboard: all you need to manage your leads and grow your business.

Company Profile:select the attributes that best

reflect your business in the proposals you generate

Self-Negotiation Tools: set your EPC price, negotiate a PPA, identify financing options.

Proposal Generator: visually appealing demonstration of solar analytics, economic forecast and financing options.

Feature details:

  • Customer Management System (CMS) designed from the ground up for the DG Solar Industry.
  • Streamlined integration of CMS with system visualization, hardware specification, solar analytics and economic forecasting.
  • Self-negotiation tools show the Host Facility the impacts the desired PPA rate may have on securing third-party financing based on your EPC price and the client-specifications. This enables you to pivot, within the same platform, from proposing a PV system to a client to helping them negotiate the best third-party financing solution tailored to their specific needs and economic drivers.
  • Customization allows you to integrate your company profile into a visual representation of the proposed PV system, demonstrate the solar analytics and economic forecast for a proposed project, show the potential first-party payment option versus third-party financing, and delivers it all in one professional proposal.
  • Access to vetted and proven transaction documents including a) an Option Agreement which grants you an option to install a solar system on the Host premises, b) a Site Lease Agreement securing the right of third party owned systems to occupy the premises with a solar project for the term of the PPA, c) the PPA Agreement, d) a standardized construction contract, and e) other legal assets to facilitate transactions and close leads.


Collectively these tools reduce your cost of customer acquisition and shorten your sales-cycle, and preserve your ability to control your EPC price and close the business you want. The Platform provides early and thorough insight into a lead’s value, and its likelihood of closure, so you spend more time focusing on developing profitable clients. Set your business apart from your competitors with proposals that let you control the data presented to your clients; available in a way that fits with your client’s preferred interaction.