host facility overview

We help you determine if solar can save you money

Why Go Solar

Sunshine is free, and a photovoltaic (PV) solar system generates clean, sustainable, and predictably priced energy.  Going solar benefits Host Facilities by decreasing and stabilizing operating costs, increasing net operating income and appraisal values, enhancing market differentiation, and hedging exposure to future utility rate hikes.

Why Go Wiser

  • The Wiser Platform evaluates your current electricity use with robust rate and tariff modeling to determine the optimal solar system size that maximizes your savings.
  • The Wiser Platform, coupled with the Wiser Solar Asset Rating (WSAR) score, provides for efficient, consistent, comprehensive and objective evaluation of strengths and weaknesses for your solar project, drastically reducing the time to identify economic viability.
  • Wiser Capital evaluates and identifies qualified solar installers, as well as technologies. Once your project is underway Wiser will match you with a solar installer and oversee design, installation and financing of the project.
  • Fully vetted and standardized documents drastically reduce the time and cost of agreements while increasing the likelihood of gaining project financing.