Investment Overview

Wiser transforms the power of sustainable energy into an attractive, bankable asset.

Defining the Asset Class

Wiser Capital, and the WSAR methodology, are defining an asset class consisting of medium-scale commercial PV projects. With WSAR seamlessly integrated into Wiser Capital’s project origination and transaction platform, Wiser Capital enables confident and direct investment in the sustainable energy generating assets it develops. For the first time qualifying individuals, corporations, and financial institutions can access these attractive investment opportunities overlaid by a clear and consistent evaluation of risk and reward for the deployment of their capital.

How the Asset Works

As the first complete market maker for Purchase Power Agreements, Wiser enables commercial host facilities to seek lower predictably priced, sustainably sourced energy from a commercial grade solar system installed at their facility without the use of their own capital; and makes direct ownership in these systems available to investors that seek the attractive cash flows and other benefits that come from participation in the asset class.

PV System
Return on Investment
wiser management
Cash flow generated through a PPA, a contract to sell energy to a host facility at a set price over a designated time period Investors purchase membership interests in an LLC, and capital is used to fund the turnkey development of a PV (photovoltaic) system. The LLC owns and manages the system and bills the host facility for energy under the PPA. Energy is generated through a PV system installed at host facility and owned and operated by special purpose entity, or LLC Through membership in the LLC, investors receive:

• Federal and state tax benefits and incentives

• A steady income stream through the sale of electricity from the PV system until investment hurdles are achieved

Remains invested in the LLC, and provides first-loss surety and ongoing management services to the LLC, including overseeing the system

How Return is Generated

Return is derived from tax benefits sold at discounts against future tax shelter value, sustainable cash flow income through the sale of energy (under the PPA), and solar system and/or production incentives.

The Investment Process

Investors can tailor investments to meet their specific objectives. Wiser then identifies investments that meet their parameters and creates an LLC to control the project. Investors designate the desired rate of return, the number of years of the investment, and the investment structure. Components of the LLC’s capitalization may include:

  • Equity investment with cash-on-cash returns
  • Tax shelters
  • Debt instruments