wiser solution

Wiser has created a unifying solution to enable stakeholders to manage electricity costs, system sales, and participation in sustainable energy development.

The Opportunity

The sustainable energy industry can be challenging to understand, evaluate, and access. Its complexity and fragmentation can pose obstacles to participation, especially in financing. Wiser has developed an innovative, automated platform and process to remove these barriers to entry and accelerate growth of the sustainable energy industry. Through its platform, Wiser independently educates stakeholders, providing them with an objective understanding of their unique place in the sustainable energy ecosystem. It sources, scores, and executes projects by aligning and evaluating stakeholder needs and automating the management of the transactions.

Specifically, Wiser Capital enables host facilities to go solar without capital or expertise, securing a predictable source of attractively priced clean electricity; helps system integrators grow their business by facilitating management and service of leads, obtaining new vetted clients, and attracting financing to build systems; and provides energy investors with the tools to evaluate and structure transactions that enable returns for the capital funding these projects. Integrating these services through its platform, Wiser is poised to scale and accelerate the growth of the market.

Integrated Solution

Wiser Capital provides a simple and effective way to bring stakeholders together to capture the benefits of sustainable energy.

Wiser Capital works with all parties to:

  • Match and align resources
  • Analyze and rate opportunities
  • Streamline solar decision-making
  • Control cost, sales, returns
  • Automate complex transactions

Automated Process

Through a streamlined approach and innovative platform, Wiser identifies, qualifies, and establishes new opportunities in sustainable energy development.

Step 1

Evaluate the Host Facility Characteristics for Solar & Creditworthiness

Wiser determines if a facility is a physically and economically viable location to go solar.

Step 2

Identify the System Integrator

Wiser evaluates and selects a systems integrator. Once the project is underway, Wiser manages installation, commissioning, and financing of the project.

Step 3

Structure the Transaction

Wiser develops and qualifies projects, evaluating their risk and reward through its unique Wiser Solar Asset Rating (WSAR) and structuring the transaction that will fund development.

Step 4

Manage the Project

Wiser provides all transaction services among stakeholders to develop the project, and manages the operations, maintenance, monitoring, and accounting for the life of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). (A PPA is a contract to sell energy to a host facility at a set price over a designated time period).