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5 Reasons to Work with Wiser

Top 5 Reasons to Work with Wiser

  1. We thrive by helping others grow. Wiser Capital is an investment firm that helps business owners and nonprofits reduce their environmental footprint and save money. We make it easier for solar installation companies to shine in highly competitive markets, while retaining their profit margin to keep boots on the roof. The solar industry currently employs over 142,000 people. These are good jobs in manufacturing, construction, sales and finance that build our communities. We also provide an opportunity for our investors to earn the return they need in projects they can brag about. As the divestment movement grows, we know demand for these types of investments will grow as well.
  2. Start-ups are incubators for thought leaders. Wiser Capital is one of the fastest growing companies in the solar finance sector and now is a great time to join our team. Building something great takes great people; we only hire people that have impactful qualities and strive to do better not only for themselves but for our world. This type of environment isn’t for everyone, but if you can deal with a fast paced interactive culture that is always evolving, we promise you will never be bored and you will be a key part of building something great.
  3. Our success depends on yours. We promote creative outlook and encourage personal development through engaging projects that have a tangible impact. You are here to help us, and we’re here to help you. We encourage continued education and provide each employee the opportunity for significant growth. Imagine a place where a career position is created around your talents, instead of you trying to fit into a job description.
  4. We give back. Wiser Capital is a member of 1% for the Planet. Being a member means that every year we donate 1% of our earnings to nonprofits that are striving to build a healthier planet. You can participate in all-staff volunteer days where we will partner to do beach clean-ups, put solar on roofs, and build houses for the needy. If you have a cause, bring it to the team for consideration! We support our local farmers through membership to a local community supported agriculture program. This also means that fresh fruits, veggies and wholesome snacks are always available at the office.
  5. You can’t beat the view. We call Santa Barbara, California home and we think there is no more beautiful place on earth. It’s always 75 degrees and sunny. You can be at the beach or in the mountains in minutes. The downtown music and art scene rivals that of much bigger cities. There is food and spirits to meet anyone’s desires. Our offices sit atop America’s Riviera with breathtaking ocean views on our 4,000 square foot deck. We can often be found out there having lunch or watching spectacular sunsets. We know having a balanced life is important, that’s why we live here.

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